Drd. Maria-Magdalena Macarenco

I started my activity as a military psychologist and clinician in 2002. I participated in two military missions in Iraq and since 2009 I have a private practice in the clinical field. I specialized in psychological trauma therapy with foreign specialists and since 2013 I hold trainings in psychotraumatology and workshops of the Intention Method. I understood, throughout my career, that verbal psychotherapy is not enough when working with trauma, especially when it comes to multiple trauma. In order to surpass this classical therapy limit, I enrolled in the EMDR teaching and training program, one of the most efficient and fast methods used in treating traumatic memories, as well as the Advanced Training in Multigenerational Psychotraumatology with Professor Franz Rupert, so as to use practically the Intention Method. In 2018 I started my PhD studies at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Bucharest and my project’s theme is “Prenatal traumas and adverse childhood experiences’ influence on the debut and development of the autoimmune diseases.”

Dr. leading clinical psychologist, EMDR Europe consultant, The method of Intention facilitator