“Whoever is ready can discover, through constellation, things essential to the healing of their souls” (prof. Franz Rupert, 2008).

The Method of the Constellation of Intent is a therapeutic intervention very efficient and profound, which offers access to aspects that are less conscious of our psyche, thus allowing the integration of the traumatic memories which lie at the base of the difficulties in our lives. The method is based on multigenerational psycho traumatology theory developed by prof. Franz Ruppert and it helps us, by means of its representatives, to see more clearly our internal or interpersonal conflicts in order to understand and integrate them. The person who wishes to work on their constellation comes with a problem or “intention” connected to their current emotional difficulties in their life. The “intention” is a part of the person who is doing the constellation and it represents the change this person wants to do, as well as where to start from in order to accomplish it. Afterwards, the person builds their constellation by choosing members of the support group which represent relevant parts of the individual or members of the family if necessary, placing them in the available space felt in that moment. The constellation then becomes an external representation of the internal psychic structure of the person.
The experiences of the “representatives” in the constellation, once placed, always offer relevant information for the client regarding his or her problem. The problem presented by the client, his or her “Intention” sets the frame for the particular process of change in which he wants to engage in at that moment. This fact explains why some problems seem more profound, while others not so much, depending on the client’s capacity to take a small or big leap towards his or her change. A constellation cannot change another person, only the client. A constellation worked on a child, for example, cannot fix the parent’s problem. This fact can only be done by the parent through their own therapy. However, a constellation can allow the child to cure the negative and confused image on his or her parents and to separate them from the confusion. Or, if the mother or father want to do a constellation for a child and do not want to confront with their own emotional wounds, then the constellation cannot lead to a positive outcome. It can only highlight clearly the entanglements in which the child, father and mother are, without finding a possibility to find a solution through constellation.
It is for this reason that such work is not recommended when asked for by the clients. The best therapy for little children is that made by their parents. In order for a child to feel better, parents and not children are allowed to confront their problems. One of Ruppert’s patients wrote: “Years of therapy have not helped my child. It was only after I worked on my problems that the depression, aggression and my child’s suicide thoughts started disappearing. Now he is a completely changed person who laughs, can have fun and get close to other people.” The Constellation of Intention does not impose solutions from the outside. On the contrary, the method leads the person towards a direct experience of their psychic reality in its often contradictory or destructive complexity. Only then, at that level of clarity, can constructive solutions be developed, which are supported by the whole psychic.